Engine Replacement & Repair

Domestic, European, Japanese, & Foreign Engine REPAIR & REPLACEMENT

While no one wants to hear they need engine replacement, it’s a reality for many drivers. Fortunately, the experienced mechanics at Brittni’s Automotive in Haslet, TX, are here to assist you. We offer several services and solutions to prevent engine replacement, such as diagnostics and repair.

But if there is no way to get around getting an engine replacement, don’t fret. We also perform engine replacement services on domestic, European, or Japanese vehicles. Simply contact Brittni’s Automotive today to inquire about or schedule an engine service in Haslet, TX.

Engine Diagnostics in Haslet, TX

At Brittni’s Automotive, we leverage manual and computerized tools to identify engine problems. Our comprehensive engine diagnostics process involves looking at your vehicle’s onboard computer to examine various components. 

Once we have completed the diagnostics, we will review the findings and discuss the best course of action with you. As we pride ourselves on complete honesty and transparency, we will explain the services that are must-haves vs. the ones that you may be able to put off until later.

Engine Repair in Haslet, TX

Whether your check engine light is flashing or you need any engine repairs, Brittni’s Automotive offers the expertise to solve the problem. We leverage advanced tools and innovative processes to administer fast, efficient engine repairs on virtually all make and models. 

You can trust us to cover all your engine vitals and issues, including:

Engine Maintenance in Haslet, TX

It’s also essential to have regular engine maintenance to prolong the life of your engine. Some of the most common engine maintenance services we perform include:

Engine Replacement in Haslet, TX

Learning you need engine replacement can be alarming. But often, it’s the more cost-effective solution than an extensive engine repair or purchasing a new vehicle. Should you come to this situation, let Brittni’s Automotive help. 

We are specialized and skilled in performing engine replacement. We’ve partnered with some of the leading providers of quality replacement engines. Moreover, we will guide you through the entire process. 

Contact Brittni's Automotive for Engine Repair & Service in Haslet, TX

Whether you need engine repair, maintenance, or replacement, Brittni’s Automotive should be your go-to shop in Haslet, TX. We are the leading auto repair center in the area. We perform various engine services for domestic and foreign vehicles.

Moreover, we have experienced mechanics on our staff. We stand behind all of our engine repairs and replacements with an industry-leading 3-year/36,000-mile warranty. We have advanced tools to diagnose your car’s mechanical and electrical problems. 

Contact Brittni’s Automotive today for any services your engine needs. Call us at (817) 350-7408. You can also visit the stop at 5894 TX-114 Suite 2 E, Haslet, TX 76052.