Heating & Air Conditioning Repair

Auto HVAC Service & Repair in HASLET, TX

Whether you’re in Haslet or anywhere else in the Lone Star State, one thing is sure: it gets hot! We are notorious for our dry heat. Winters can get quite chilly, too, so you’ll need a functional heater. 

As we face extreme temperature swings, it’s best always to have a functioning automotive air conditioning and heating system. And if your vehicle needs HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) repair in Haslet, TX, the team at Brittni’s Automotive can and will surely help. 

Auto HVAC Diagnostics in Haslet, TX

No matter the problem with your vehicle’s heater or air conditioner, the first step in HVAC repair is to perform thorough diagnostics. Our experienced mechanics will carefully inspect your vehicle’s HVAC system. We’ll go through all the essential parts to determine the cause of your AC problem.

Some of the most common HVAC diagnostics we perform include the following:

Auto HVAC Repair in Haslet, TX

Brittni’s Automotive provides top-quality auto HVAC repair in Haslet, TX. We specialize in repairing air conditioners of various makes and models of vehicles. 

Some of the most common HVAC parts and issues we work on include the following:

Common Signs You Need Car Heating & Air Conditioning Repair

While some signs of car HVAC repair are apparent, other signs may need to be clarified. We’ve outlined some top signs so you know when to bring your vehicle for auto AC repair. 

  • Incorrect air temperature from vents: For instance, if your AC is blowing warm air, the typical culprits include low refrigerant, damaged cooling fans, and clogged vents.
  • Weird noises: The cause for this could be something as simple as leaves or debris clogging the unit. It could also be a failing internal component. 
  • Nasty, foul smells: If you activate your AC and detect bad smells, it could be a sign of mold growth. This can cause respiratory problems for you and other passengers.
  • Water stains: If you see water stains on the interior, you could have a clogged or damaged drain. This can cause the water to flow back into your vehicle and pool under the dashboard. 

Need Auto HVAC Repair in Haslet, TX? Contact Brittni's Automotive

Whether you need AC recharge, an R134 or R1234yf service, or other auto HVAC services, the experienced mechanics at Brittni’s Automotive are here to help.

We offer fast, affordable HVAC repairs for virtually all makes and models. We stand behind our repairs with a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty for your peace of mind. 

Contact Brittni’s Automotive today. Give us a call at (817) 350-7408. Or stop by our shop at 5894 TX-114 Suite 2 E, Haslet, TX 76052.