Today’s modern vehicles are more innovative and more advanced than ever before. Much of the innovation is driven by your vehicle’s onboard computer system. 

This system controls many parts and components, including the steering system, fuel injectors, and spark plugs. If something goes awry, your vehicle will inform you through indicators like the check engine light. 

Now, if your vehicle’s check engine light or any other dashboard indicator is turned on, the worst thing you can do is ignore it and hope it goes away. It won’t. 

The best solution: bring your vehicle to Brittni’s Automotive. As the leading auto repair center in Haslet, TX, we leverage advanced diagnostics tools to analyze and remedy computer-related problems.

Comprehensive On-Board Car Diagnostics in Haslet, TX

At Brittni’s Automotive, we provide diagnostics service and module repairs, including:

Our state-of-the-art car diagnostics tools can analyze the status of several vehicle parts and issues, including:

Check Engine Light Diagnosis & Repair in Haslet, TX

If your check engine light is turned on, it’s your vehicle’s way of saying something is wrong. However, not all cases are the same, for instance, the urgency of a flashing vs. steady light. If your check engine light is flashing, you have an immediate problem that needs immediate attention. It often means your engine is misfiring and unburned fuel is entering your exhaust system. This is a serious problem that can significantly damage the catalytic converter. Nevertheless, failure to diagnose check engine light promptly—whether it’s flashing or steady—may cause a minor problem to snowball into much more expensive repairs.

Causes of Illuminated Check Engine Light

Some causes of an illuminated check engine light include:

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If your check engine light is on, your car is moving weirdly, or you haven’t done diagnostics for a long time, go to Brittni’s Automotive. We are a top mechanical and electrical diagnostics center in Haslet, TX, and nearby areas. 

At Brittni’s Automotive, we leverage advanced diagnostics tools to pull trouble codes quickly. Once we have performed the diagnostics, our experienced mechanics can interpret the codes and provide a cost-efficient solution. 

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